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Weddings & Friends...

We have made so many good and lasting friendships over the past decade doing what we love. And often times we not only make friends, but are present to observe and be part of some pretty amazing weddings.

While I could fill pages about some of those remarkable people and weddings, like the young couple wed in The Cork Factory who was denied boarding their honeymoon flight overseas by US Customs in Philly because the corners of the bride's passport were worn, making national news. Or the time we provided music in a huge stone tower in Montreal for a couple from DC who have become like family to us. Or the fantastic Irish set dancing in a family barn near State College. Or a myriad more amazing people and tales.

But I want to share the wedding we played in the Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington, DC earlier in 2019. It started with a web-page message two years earlier. Jared said I have been working on this all afternoon and am not having much luck finding a band that meets our standards. I assume there is no changing your mind on going to Baltimore. But Dan was unable to reschedule gigs we had on St. Paddy's weekend. Fast forward another year, when Dan learned a series of events waylaid the plans for a 2018 wedding, and 2019 was now a possibility. This led to a phone call with Jared & Micaela at a pub in Chicago...during the World Cup...or was it the Super Bowl... The couple wanted Galway Girl to be sung as the final song of the reception, but wanted to scrap the final verse about waking up all alone, so Dan wrote a new verse to replace it. And we changed the chorus to match Micaela's hair and eyes.

Jared & Micaela had come to Music Makers in Waynesboro from Chicago via DC to meet the band. Micaela and her brother graced us with some mighty dancing.

After a number of phone calls and emails and must planning and coordinating, March 16th rolled around. And it was magical. We learned about the love story that made the news nationally. Here is their story in People, and in iHeart News.

And Micaela just sent us photos from that beautiful day this past St. Paddy's weekend.

Jared & Micaela dancing with Emily

We love our job!


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