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2023 is half over! Where'd it go?

Wow, the last post was about the slow Jan/Feb. Then March hit. And wow! We had some incredible shows and incredible crowds. New venues, old venues, 3 states, 10 shows, and that was just March. We met some amazing people, established new friendships, reinforced old friendships, saw some amazing views and sunsets...had some amazing food....and played some amazing shows. And no of it possible if not for the venues who support us and the fans who support live music and the venues. And we thank you sincerely for allowing us to do what we have always loved and still do - playing music and creating entertaining, interactive shows.

Some new shows were for an association of state employees, a great festival in southern Maryland, the AOH in Lewes, DE, the great fairly new festival in Doddington County, WV, And we played for many venues we have worked with/for during the past decade and always love returning to. Our hats are off to each and everyone of you for keeping this world of entertainment and music going.

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