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2021 - Live Music Returns!

We are excited to say we have been receiving quite a few requests to perform and are happy about that. Our first shows of the year are March 12, 13, 17, 19 & 27 thus far. And we have about 32 more booked later in the year. Venues have been getting creative in finding ways to keep their businesses going without breaking any mandates. Some have erected outside dining areas only to have their municipality tell them they must have regular and very expensive structural inspections, and must tear down their structures every time it snows. We hope that many have been supporting these businesses as much as possible, and that once they bring live music back, that they see business pick up geometrically.

Check our schedule and our Facebook page to see when we might be playing near you. Or do like Jason does and come to all our shows, even when hours away. We believe this forced time off will rejuvenate our bodies, minds and musical creativity, and that we will come back with more energy than ever before. Hope to see you at some of our gigs!


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