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Sept 20, 2019 - CD is back from Mastering and in the hands of our duplication company. Ten days in the oven and a few days on the road and we'll have it in our hands. We said we'd have it out this year...

Across the Pond will release their 2nd CD, Little Beggarman, this fall. It will be available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play, Pandora and at their shows on Download Card and regular CD. The album has just been sent off for mastering. More details will be released in the upcoming weeks.

Live at Music Makers
Photo courtesy of Andy Smetzer

Produced by Michael Morrison, the long-awaited CD will include an exciting arrangement of Dougie MacLean’s instrumental The Gael which became the main theme to 1992 film The Last of the Mohicans.

Mike Morrison, Chuck Krepley and Dan Diviney are joined by award-winning vocalist Marilyn Dolly, champion-level Irish dancer Emily Warren, and upcoming singer-songwriter Maddie Yingling.

Marilyn sings lead vocals on two tracks

Across the Pond has performed nearly 500 shows, including performing for Screen-writer Jez Butterworth and the cast of The Ferryman (Jez received a Tony Award recently for Best Play); author Nora Roberts; London-based Captify company; and a number of Irish, Celtic, European and International festivals, and too many weddings to count.

Emily dances on three tracks, adding authentic percussion

Their music is refreshing. They start with traditional Celtic music, and then have their way with it, developing arrangements with American bluegrass and country influences. Belfast native and musician Jim Brady had this to say about their style of music, “Across the Pond is for real. These lads will assault you with authenticity and pure spirit of Irish music. A breath of fresh air in a genre over-saturated with cut-rate Dropkick-wannabe tripe! Irish traditional music is very much alive with Across the Pond! Keep it up, boy-o's!!”

Michael Morrison produced the CD with our live shows in mind. “We hope that as you listen you are able to experience the energy, joy, and camaraderie that we strive to inject into every performance.”

Maddie Yingling sings harmony on Children of the Dole, a song written by Tommy Sands. Maddie is a local singer-songwriter and is Dan's young granddaughter.

Their first CD, Kid on the Mountain, was awarded Best Contemporary song for one track, and a nomination for Best Traditional for another track. It was entered in the Irish Traditional Music Archives in Dublin, Ireland.

With a little luck, the CD may be released as early as October, 2019! Check our Facebook page for updates.

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