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Across the Pond plays traditional and contemporary Celtic folk music from Ireland and Scotland.  A musical blend of fiddle, flute, guitar, banjo, mandolin, whistles, and the beats of a bodhrán make for the perfect entertainment. By adding a dash of modern influences without straying too far from traditional roots Across the Pond sets itself apart from other trad bands.  


Awards and recognitions, combined with repeat booking, and a loyal fan base attest to the musicianship and entertainment value of the performances.

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Children of the DoleAcross the Pond
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Listen to our Music

Latest Album - 'Little Beggarman
Children of the DoleAcross the Pond
00:00 / 03:50

Tommy Sands cover

The GaelAcross the Pond
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Dougie MacLean cover

Little BeggarmanAcross the Pond
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Listen to our Music

Latest Album - 'Little Beggarman'

demo tracks

Children of the Dole.mp3Across the Pond
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First Album - 'Kid on the Mountain'

demo tracks

Swallowtail Jig - Kid on the Mountain DEAcross the Pond
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Tommy Sands cover

The Gael.mp3Across the Pond
00:00 / 01:32
Scotland the Brave - Flowers of EdinburgAcross the Pond
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Dougie MacLean cover

The Little Beggarman.mp3Across the Pond
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Ferryman DEMO.mp3Across the Pond
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'Little Beggarman’ was released October 2019 and promises to be well-loved by Celtic folk music fans and bands alike.  Produced by band front-man Michael Morrison, it was created with hopes that as you listen you are able to experience the energy, joy and camaraderie that we strive to inject into every performance.

Kid on the Mountain’ released October 2014.  I Know My Love", was voted 'Best of Contemporary' for 2015 and inducted into the Celtic Radio Hall of Fame.  The Arran Boat set was nominated “Best Traditional”.  The CD was entered into the Irish Traditional Music Archives in Dublin, Ireland. 

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About the Band

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Across the Pond is a multi-instrumental trio performing their own high-energy arrangements of Irish and Scottish tunes and songs.   While very passionate about their traditional roots, their arrangements contain modern influences. This high-energy band - featuring Mike Morrison, Chuck Krepley and Dan Diviney -- has been sharing their take of traditional Irish music throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for years. They've developed their own unique style many years ago and have never looked back. Playing at dozens of regional performances annually, from North Carolina, USA to Quebec & Ontario Provinces in Canada, at festivals, weddings, concerts, corporate events, and of course Irish pubs.


Shortly after the release of their first CD, ‘Kid on the Mountain’ in October 2014, they were named in the Top 20 Celtic folk bands world-wide by Marc Gunn.  “I Know My Love” featuring guest vocalist Marylin Dolly was named Best Contemporary Irish Song by Celtic Music Radio in 2016. Also, in 2016 Across the Pond`s Arran Boat Set was also nominated for Best Traditional Irish song by Celtic Music Radio as well. Their first CD "Kid on the Mountain" has also been entered into the Irish Traditional Music Archives in Dublin, Ireland. Little Beggarman, released October 2019, is sure to attract attention and quickly become a fan favorite.


Across the Pond has created a truly interactive experience.  And they often add an award-winning Irish Dancer to their roster, creating a full Irish experience that can be found without having to buy a plane ticket to Ireland. This band is sure to have you clapping and singing along to songs like "Whiskey in the Jar," all while trying not to spill your drink. Across the Pond grab the audience’s attention from the very first beat and hold it right to the end.      


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Dan Diviney

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“Across the Pond is for real. These lads will assault you with authenticity and pure spirit of Irish music. A breath of fresh air in a genre oversaturated with cut-rate Dropkick-wannabe tripe! Irish traditional music is very much alive with Across the Pond!” Boston Jim Brady - Belfast Musician

“Thank you for the set you did at our wedding! I had SO many guests come up and ask me who you were and how they can book you! Your music, combined with the weather, made people feel as if they were truly in Ireland. My family and I cannot thank you enough. The band made the day so incredibly special.” - Facebook Comment

 “We just got back from vacation in Ireland... but didn't hear anyone playing better than ATP!”   - Facebook Comment

“They truly share the music from across the pond as it should be played, sung, performed. Thanks for the camaraderie and laughter, guys!  Slainte!”  Sally – Shamrock Restaurant

“Great music and great people! Very talented and down to earth!” Charlie Bury, Photographer

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