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CD, Television shoot, interview and thanks

The CD is coming together. Recording is finished. Editing nearly done. All that remains then is mastering, graphic design, liner notes, and submitting the duplication order to WTS company.

Shooting for release in early October, fingers crossed. Hollywood Mike Morrison is doing a fantastic job producing the album and you will be amazed. Dan is spearheading the artwork with the help of two local artists. Tracks will include some excellent guest performers. Lead vocals on two tracks by Marilyn Dolly, dancing by Emily Warren, and backing vocals by Maddie Yingling.



The band was asked to be part of a local filming project for Taste of History, winner of 10 Emmy Awards. Unfortunately Chuck was in Ireland during this time, but Mike & I were delighted to be part of this project. The segment will likely air nationally and internationally in 2020.



Hollywood Mike doesn't know I am posting this, but I think it is great. It is an interview with Mike by PJ and the Beard. I found the interview very interesting and think his friends and other musicians will find it interesting as well. Chuck coined his new name "Hollywood" driving to a gig in upstate NY recently. 📷

PJ and the Beard Premiered Aug 3, 2019

In this episode, we sit down with Michael Morrison to talk about his musical journey and the acoustic rig he uses with his band Across the Pond. The conversation didn’t end there though. After this discussion, we explored electric guitars and had a conversation about lessons and studio work. Make sure you subscribe to catch future episodes featuring this incredibly talented musician. Paste the following YouTube link into your browser to watch the interview.

We picked up a number of new venues this year once again and our growing fan base is part of the reason. We thank each and everyone of you, whether you've heard us once or heard us 30 times like Jason and his lovely wife who drive at least an hour and a half to get to most of the shows they've attended.

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We saw you today at the Hollabaugh Peach Festival and you were wonderful! I am halfway through listening to your CD Kid on the Mountain and it is going to be my all-time favorite Irish music of all time! Kudos and keep playing your wonderful music!!

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