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Festivals, the CD, & Other Stuff

Festivals - 1 down, 9 to go. We played the 1st Annual Dills Celtic Festival April 14th. What an amazing festival. In the month of bad weather, a sucker-hole of beautiful weather opened up just for the festival. We highly recommend this stellar, local Celtic festival. Great music, dancing, food, beer.

Next up are:

6-16-18 Penn-Mar Irish Festival near Shrewsbury

7-12-18 Central PA Festival of the Arts in State College, PA

7-14-18 People's Choice Festival in Boalsburg, PA

7-21-18 Adams County Irish Festival near Gettysburg, PA

7-24-18 Endless Mountain Music Festival, in Wellsboro, PA

8-05-18 Hollabaugh Peach Festival in Biglerville, PA

8-25-18 Corn Fest in Shippensburg, PA

9-22-18 Celtic Craic Music Festival near Harrisburg, PA

9-29-18 European Festival near Winchester, VA

10-13-18 National Apple Harvest Festival near Biglerville, PA

10-14-18 National Apple Harvest Festival near Biglerville, PA


We are back in the studio working on our 2nd CD after a "break" for the month of March. We are really excited about this CD and it is a real pleasure working with Justin Kollars at The Shed. We are halfway finished with tracking the pieces, although there will be much work to do with editing, mastering, graphic design and duplication. We are shooting for a possible release this autumn, but we are dreamers. We are still raising money to pay for this CD through merchandise sales and donations at the many gigs we're playing this summer. And we wish to recognize the anonymous donor who dropped a sizable CD donation into our tip jar the other month...whomever you are - thank you so much.

Our guest performers

Marilyn Dolly has been performing with us for years now as a "guest". But she is family. We are indebted to her for sharing her phenomenal voice with ATP. Did you know she recorded two songs on our first CD, "Kid on the Mountain"? And that one of her songs won the band Celtic Radio Music's "Best Contemporary" in 2015 and entry into the Celtic Radio Hall of Fame? We grasped the importance when looking over all of the mighty bands who won this award in the past. We look forward to her performing with us at several festivals, weddings and high-visibility gigs as we move through 2018. When not performing with ATP, you can find her singing with her duo "Greg & Mare". Thank you Mare for everything!

Emily Warren has been dancing at many of our shows over the past few years. She was with us this year when we played for a company in Manhattan that Forbes cited as one of the top 5 tech companies in the world to watch for 2017. She joined us at Nora Robert's Ceilidh, and at the Capitol Theatre. She will be joining us for several other prestigious gigs this year, including the Endless Mountain Music Festival. She not only performs, but she is an excellent teacher as well. Did you know her ceilidh dance team ranked 24th of 700 world-class dance teams in Ireland last year? And we understand she is being eyed up by Riverdance at present. We sincerely hope she is offered the opportunity to tour with this elite show, but will sadly miss what she adds to our shows. Thank you Em for sharing your special talent with ATP!

Some new venues

Upcoming new venues for 2018 include:

5-26-18 Gearhouse in Chambersburg

6-14-18 York Box Lunch series in York

6-16-18 Penn-Mar Irish Festival near Shrewsbury

7-12-18 Central PA Festival of the Arts

7-14-18 People's Choice Festival in Boalsburg

8-02-18 Alive @ 5 in Frederick, MD

8-15-18 Music in the Park in Lewisburg

8-25-18 Corn Fest in Shippensburg

Please follow us to some or all of these new venues to show your appreciation and support of their hosting live music.

Street team

If you'd like to help ATP with boots on the street, join our team by talking to your favorite Irish, Celtic, Folk & Music festivals in the PA, NY, OH, WV, MD, NJ, DE, & VA areas about inviting Across the Pond to perform at their event. And let us know so we might touch base with them as well.

Our fans

We've been playing since late 2010, and have grown as a band. We still love what we do, despite Dan's trying to kill us off with the deadly March schedule this year. And yet none of this would be possible without a loyal following of fans. You inspire us to work harder, to improve our shows, and to put in many hours of practice. You have given us this opportunity to 'live the dream' we each hold dear - of sharing something magical and emotional with you through our music. We have made so many great friends over the years, and have captured so many fond memories, and we truly appreciate that. Thank you fans! [Disclaimer: Written in the morning before any alcohol softened the emotions - we do love you guys!]


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