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Wassup in 2018

We are only halfway into March and it seems I'm already trying to kill the band. This past week was even tough on my young body. But what a brilliant week it was. After a First Friday at Dills Tavern, we played for Homewood at Plum Creek. We always enjoy both of these gigs so much. And they served as a good warm up for what followed.

We had a fantastic crowd at Simpson Library in Mechanicsburg Wednesday, then joined some great friends from Bedford, Everett and Chambersburg for a lovely Irish supper before invading Roy Pitz Brewing Company to play a few hours. Next day we went to Winchester to kick off their annual, week-long, St Paddy's Festival. We had just a few minutes to catch our friends the band Lilt playing before heading to Hauser Estate Winery for their annual 'pre-St Paddy's Day party'. I slept that night like a baby that night but was rudely awaken by the hour early thank to the time change. I met Mike & Chuck at the Shamrock to play 12:30-7:30 for our first of three Sunday double gigs in March at this fine restaurant. Halfway through I felt the week slowly beginning to catch up to me. But alas Monday came and the band was off.