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We've got 17 shows left this year and 27 on the books for 2018. Send us ideas for your favorite music venues where you'd like to see us play.

Merchandise Update: We're down to one short-sleeved shirt, but, just placed an order for more black Tees with that great gradient logo. Also, cap-sleeve women's black shirts with the same logo as the guys shirt. And, we're getting green, long-sleeved shirts with the Celtic knot flag on the back, similar to the black long-sleeve shirts you've been seeing, but that are sold out at the moment. There are a few ball caps left, a few tote bags, and enough beautiful ATP shot glasses for a small party. Rudisill's in Gettysburg makes our shirts and Sinead Moss, the original Irish Lass Glass, makes our shot glasses for us.

We have some new venues for 2018 for you. Penn-Mar Irish Festival in PA. Inn Boonsboro in MD. The European Festival in VA.

Next public gig is The European Festival in Winchester, VA. This mighty festival is on September 30th and have large tents featuring Italy, Germany, and The British Isles which we will man for the day. We will have world class dancer Emily Warren AND the Armstrong Irish Dance Academy joining us. Look for Cornish pasties, hot smoked salmon salad, colcannon & banger, or similar foods from the British Isles. And you might see bratwurst, German potato salad, pretzels, Ziti pasta, Italian sausage, cannoli, and of course, Cider, Guinness, Smithwick's, Spaaten, Warsteiner, Peroni beer, Allegrini Valpolicella, Zonin Moscato, Maso Canali Select, & Pinot Grigio. That is if they repeat what they had last year. So don't miss this one. Check our schedule for the street address.

Catch us live-streaming on Penn Live October 12th at 4:30pm for 15-20 minutes.

Then ten, 45-minutes sets the final weekend of the National Apple Harvest Festival, October 14 & 15th. We may have a number of guests along to entertain you as well.

And we invade Waynesboro October 20th at Music Makers in Gallery 50. Cheese, wine, music, art. Life is good. And the next day we return to Reid's Cider House in Gettysburg.

Then, lots of gigs follow.

Marilyn continues to perform on a fairly regular basis with ATP. And we're seeing more of Emily Warren who is an amazing Irish step dancer. And young Maddie Yingling has stopped by at 3 or 4 gigs to share a great song she taught us.

If you like our music, it never hurts to let the venue owners know, as they might decide to rebook us.

Thank you to all the fans who stood by us all these years, many becoming part of our family. We couldn't do this without you. And lots of love to all the venues who have trusted us to deliver.

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