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Band Merchandise

While we sell a variety of band merchandise at our performances, we can take orders via email.

Availability will change.  Please email to let us know what you'd like.  Provide the item, the number you'd like, and if appropriate, the size and color.  We will send you the cost, including shipping, and methods of payment.  You can then decide to place your order if you like.

Prices shown without packaging & shipping.  Save shipping costs and grab stuff at our next gig.

Em selling CDs 2.jpg

CD - Kid on the Mountain.  Released 2014.  12 tracks.  Traditional & Contemporary songs and tune sets.  $15

Tee Shirts.  50/50 men's cut, short sleeve, in tan and in black.  Back as shown above.  Front as shown below.  $20  We have just ordered women's cut shirts. $20.  And we are reordering our quick selling long-sleeve band shirts with the knotted flag design (see below) on the back, in black and in green.  $20

Ball caps, black or tan. $20

Shot glasses.  Tested on 48 Irish whiskies so far.  $5

Vinyl oval stickers for your car or guitar case...or whereever.  $2

Tote bags.  $15

We occasionally have Across the Pond coffee cups available.  Ask about them.  $5

Em selling CDs.jpg
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