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Madison Yingling

'Maddie' is an occasional singer with the band.  She has appeared at wineries, festivals, retirement homes and weddings.  She is a beginning fiddle & guitar player, but when not singing, writing songs or practicing, you might find her on the hockey  fields.

She has sung the national anthem at Veterans Day events, at Hershey Bears & York Revolution games, Gettysburg Battle Re-Enactments and other regional events.

She is studying guitar under Mike Morrison's tutelage.  She recently opened for the band at Big Bottom Brewery in Dillsburg, PA.  She began performing with the band last year at the young age of 12.  She has 4 copyrighted songs under her belt and between sports and homework, is busy writing more.


She most recently joined the band in the making of Little Beggarman, singing backing vocals on the choruses of Children of the Dole. 

Maddie released her first single April 23, 2020, while 14.  It quickly made the charts at HUGS at WRGG, an international radio show for unsigned artists. 


Find her at


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